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The Medisynth Group is a self contained group, something that is unique in the homoeopathic industry. It is also among the few to maintain global standards of manufacturing in the industry.
Medisynth’s collaboration with Beck & Koll Laboratories provided the Medisynth Group with the foothold that has been maintained admirably even today. By constantly innovating and introducing newer variations, Medisynth always stays one step ahead of the rest.
Nasaltone®     SORIAFIT®

Nasaltone® is a safe, gentle & non-drowsy homoeopathic formula for the treatment of allergy, cold & flu.

Nasaltone® provides multiple benefits. It controls allergy, stops runny nose & sneezing, reduces nasal congestion, relieves fever & headache and helps in pharyngitis and sore throat.


SORIAFIT® Drops & Cream is a highly effective product developed through decades of clinical experience and effectively helps to treat Psoriasis in both Acute & Chronic condition.
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