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Medisynth has a special R&D unit for developing and manufacturing high-quality homeopathic products. Our core strength lies in identifying, buying, testing and using the best quality plant material to formulate our medicines. We identify and buy more than 400 genuine herbs sourced from the world over. Once the plants are procured, the raw material goes through several tests in Medisynth’s state of the art in-house testing lab to meet national as well as international homeopathic standards. Medisynth’s research team refers to various International Journals and also consults scientists from universities worldwide to get accurate scientific data on plants for their phytochemical studies. Medisynth’s research initiative includes collaboration with CCRH (Central Council for Research in Homeopathy) for various research activities. Our modern and automated labelling and documentation procedures ensure high accuracy and reliability in every aspect of sealing and packaging of the medicines. As a result of many years of extensive and in-depth research, Medisynth’s formulations are considered to be the best in the industry.



Medisynth’s products are a result of exhaustive in-house studies conducted in our own clinics. The products go through independent Clinical Evaluation studies conducted by experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in their area of expertise. For this purpose, doctors from different parts of the country are selected, who evaluate the products based on different parameters like gender, age, etc. This collated data is then scientifically analysed data by an independent CRO (Clinical Research Officer).