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Medisynth has always been ahead of time. From maintaining high standards in formulating safe and effective homoeopathic solutions to cutting-edge technology, Medisynth has been the front-runner in the homoeopathic speciality category. Medisynth has been responsible for bringing homoeopathic remedies directly to the end consumer. We have over 30 speciality brands across various categories such as liquid orals, malt tonic, skin creams and oils. Several of our brands have been market leaders in their respective segments for decades. We are the pioneers of innovative homoeopathic formulations. Alfamalt was the first homoeopathic malt tonic introduced in India by Medisynth.



Plants (herbs) constitute the major source of homoeopathic medicines. The therapeutically active ingredients from the herbs are extracted in an alcohol-water mixture of varying ratios as mentioned in the homoeopathic pharmacopoeias of India. These alcoholic extracts prepared in a controlled environment are known as Mother Tinctures. Medisynth manufactures Mother Tinctures by the process of Percolation and Maceration. Medisynth sources raw material from leading international vendors. The Mother tinctures are tested to stringent quality standards in our laboratory and only those which conform to prescribed standards are approved for consumption. Medisynth has a dedicated facility for manufacturing Mother Tinctures and Dilutions. Notably, this manufacturing facility has flame-proof electrical fittings of proper intensities to avoid an accident and protect the phytochemical content of the valuable tinctures.


Art of identifying a genuine herb



Mother Tinctures are potentised as per pharmacopoeial methods to make ‘potentised preparations’ called dilutions. Medisynth’s dilutions are prepared under the supervision of dedicated homoeopaths. Our back potencies are made using the double head Automatic Potentiser which ensures accuracy and reproducibility.



Bio-chemic & combinations or tissue/cell salts are a crucial part of homoeopathy. This cell-based medicine is rooted on the theory that diseases occur due to an imbalance in the vital cell salts. This imbalance can be corrected by administering potentised cell salts. The Bio-Chemics medicinal approach is believed to give relief from constipation, asthma, common cold, headache, diabetes, menstrual pain, piles, measles, toothache, acidity and even easy and smooth delivery for pregnant women. Medisynth makes its Bio-Chemics & Combinations from imported lactose. We have soft, starch free tablets made in the conventional way to make them easily soluble.