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Medisynth Blog
Posted on December 27 2018

Understanding Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy, fat like substance found in the body cells. Cholesterol comes from two sources. Our body makes the needed cholesterol. However, cholesterol also is found in some of the foods that we eat.

Posted on August 18 2018


Modern times come with their Gifts and their Ghosts. While we cherish the former, one can’t be dismissive of the latter. Stress and Anxiety if left untreated can magnify into a life-threatening situation. Thankfully, help is at hand.

Posted on August 17 2018

Know Your Herb ‘Bacopa Monnieri’

Botanical name : Bacopa monnieri (Linn.) Wettst. Family: Scrophulariaceae Synonyms: Bacopa monnieri Wettst; Herpestis monnieria (Linn.) H.B.&.K...